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RAIZER II (Battery-Operated)


The Raizer II enhances efficiency in daily caregiving tasks by minimizing time spent on lifting, allowing more time for other responsibilities. Its design reduces the need for additional caregivers, alleviating stress in the absence of assistance. The device ensures a quicker and safer lift, reducing the risk of work-related injuries for both the caregiver and the individual being lifted.

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If you’re in search of a battery-operated mobile lifting chair, your search ends here! The Raizer II efficiently assists individuals in transitioning from a lying to an upright position in just three minutes. With straightforward assembly, it proves to be a resource-saving solution, requiring only one person with minimal physical effort. This lightweight device is easily transportable on a trolley and operates seamlessly with the push of a button. The Raizer II is entirely portable, suitable for use in diverse settings such as home care, institutions, rescue services, and any other scenario where a caregiver may need to lift a fallen person.

  • Features
    • Light weight and ergonomic to carry and transport
    • Backpack style carry case comes with purchase
    • Available accessories for trolley and bicycle transport
  • Benefits
    • AssemblyRaizer assembles very quickly around a fallen person (3 minutes)
    • HandlingLift with the Raizer requires a minimum of manual handling.
    • Only one assistantLifting with Raizer only requires one provider.
    • No back injuryAs the is no strain at all on the helper lifting with the Raizer prevents damage to the back that will inevitably happen with other lifting methods. Thereby a lot of sick days are prevented.
    • Pleasant for the citizenLifting with Raizer is very pleasant and ergonomically correct for the citizen
    • Ergonomically correctLifting with Raizer is ergonomically correct. There is no strain on the body neither for the helper nor the citizen.
    • DisinfectionRaizer is very easy to clean and disinfect.
    • TransportEasy to transport. Comes in 2 carry bags. A trolley can be provided for easy transport from one part of a building to another.
    • DisassemblyVery fast and easy disassembly – only 2 minutes
    • Good return of investment cost efficient / time and staff
  • Technical Specifications
    • Lifting Capacity Max. 330.7 lbs.
    • Lifting time 20-30 seconds
    • Weight: Seat 19 lbs. & legs and back rests 9 lbs.
    • Number of lifts on a full charge:
      • 80 with an average load
      • 40 with maximum load
    • Charging time
      • 6 hours full charge
      • 10-15 minutes for 1 lift
    • Charger
      • 12V Li Ion battery
      • 12V Car Adapter
  • Product Includes
    • lifting chair
    • remote
    • headrest
    • safety belt
    • seat cover
    • carry case (holds charger, legs and headrest)
    • charger
    • USB charger
    • Sample pack: hygiene covers
    • quick guide
    • user manual
Raizer II Data Sheet - English

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