Culpepper’s Cardiac Foundation – Organization Spotlight

Small charities play an indispensable role in promoting heart health and enhancing the availability of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). Through their dedicated efforts, organizations like Culpepper’s Cardiac Foundation bridge crucial gaps in public awareness and accessibility of lifesaving AEDs.

Their grassroots approach, fueled by personal stories and community ties, enables them to make a tangible impact, ensuring that more individuals are equipped with the knowledge and tools to respond to cardiac emergencies. In doing so, small charities prove that even the most focused initiatives can significantly contribute to creating safer, heart-healthy communities.

About Culpepper’s Cardiac Foundation

Culpepper’s Cardiac Foundation is a heart-driven charity that emerged from a personal tragedy to become a beacon of hope and a proactive force in the fight against cardiac arrest. This small but impactful organization is dedicated to enhancing heart health awareness and increasing the accessibility of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in communities.

Founded by Melanie Brown Culpepper, the foundation honours the memory of her late fiancé, Michael Culpepper, who tragically passed away from a sudden cardiac arrest. This profound loss ignited Melanie’s determination to prevent similar heartbreak in other families by ensuring that lifesaving AEDs are readily available in public spaces and local businesses.

The foundation’s mission extends beyond just the distribution of AEDs; it is deeply committed to educating the community about heart health and the critical importance of timely intervention during cardiac emergencies.

Rescue 7 Support To The Culpepper Organization

The collaboration between Rescue 7 and Culpepper’s Cardiac Foundation began through a connection tied to a tragic incident in Florida, where a local firefighter and hockey player suffered a fatal cardiac arrest during a game.

This incident spurred Rescue 7 to partner with Mike Wilson, an author dedicated to hockey communities, whose book proceeds funded AED donations across North American hockey arenas.

Inspired by this mission, Melanie Culpepper reached out to Rescue 7, seeking AEDs for her foundation created in memory of her fiancé, who also tragically passed away from cardiac arrest.

Recognizing the alignment of their goals, Rescue 7 facilitated a connection between Melanie and their sister company, Coromed, in the US, who then generously supplied 10 AEDs to her foundation.

This initiative gained further momentum with the Tampa Bay Lightning contributing an additional five AEDs, showcasing the power of community and collaboration in enhancing heart health and safety across organizations in Florida.


In conclusion, the partnership between Culpepper’s Cardiac Foundation and Rescue 7 shows us how working together can make a big difference in heart health and make AEDs more available.

By joining forces, they have been able to do more than they could alone, from getting AEDs to places that need them to teach people how to use them.

This teamwork is a great example of how collaboration can lead to saving more lives and making communities safer for everyone.

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