Weekly Review: May 1st-7th

Rescue 7’s Emergency Medical Responder course is now available in Nova Scotia! Call 1 888-294-4208 to register!
Rescue 7 Inc.’s Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) is an 80 Hour course, which focuses on Primary and Secondary Scene Management, Advanced First Aid Procedures, Airway Management, Oxygen Therapy, C-spine Management, Spinal Boards, Patient Packaging, Pharmacology, Traumatic Injuries, Medical Injuries, Childbirth, Multiple casualty incidents, and Patient Transfer to EMS. Our EMR course is designed to meet the Paramedic Association of Canada National Occupational Competency Profile for the practitioner level of emergency medical responder (EMR) and is approved by the Nova Scotia Department of Health standards for EMR registered with EHS.
INCLUDES: Course Student Manual with Workbook & Instructor Manual including skill sheets, power points, quiz bank, case studies, practical exam and written exam (Pearson – Emergency Medical Responder, A Skills Approach, Fourth Canadian Edition)
THE RESULTS OF #McHappyDay2017 ARE IN! We are pleased to announce that thanks to the generous contributions of all our family and friends, the campaign in Markham—Stouffville raised $86,450

All of these funds will be used to ensure that families dealing with a seriously ill child stay close together during this difficult time. On behalf of the Rescue 7 team, thanks to all for making this experience possible. Your generousity will touch thousands of lives in the years to come.




END OF LIFE NOTICE: HeartSine samaritan PAD 300/300P

As a follow-up to the End of Life notice for HeartSine samaritan® PAD 300/300P automated external defibrillators issued in May 2016, HeartSine has posted a Product Discontinuation Notice for these devices on their website. Click here to read the notice.

Please note that going forward any HeartSine AED which is no longer within its warranty period will not be eligible for support, repair or replacement. This is effective immediately. 

We would like to take this opportunity to offer our customers with out-of-warranty devices a new HeartSine or LIFEPAK AED from within our extensive AED portfolio.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 905-474-0770.