Weekly Review: January 11th-17th

Carl Munderich has been interested in medical topics for most of his young life. He frequently took books out of the library introducing kids to different medical conditions like blindness or deafness at the age of five. In more recent years he has been interested in emergency preparedness and first aid. For about three years now, he has been researching AEDs on the internet and learning about all of their different features. Because of this research, he has come to feel that the HeartSine Samaritan 500P is the best AED on the market due to its real time CPR feedback. When a local sports club decided to purchase an AED for its facility, Carl advised them to choose the 500P, which they did after a presentation from Rescue 7. For the last two years, Carl has been saving his birthday, Christmas and paper route money to buy his own AED. He feels it may save a life in his home or at any location where he may bring it along, such as visiting his grandparents or going camping. Carl will be taking his Standard First Aid and CPR training in the near future. As you may have guessed, Carl wants to be a paramedic when he grows up.

Rescue 7 is so pleased to have helped Carl make his wish come true! What an inspiring young man!

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Our next round of First Aid and CPR instructor courses are on February 26th (6:00pm-9:00pm) and February 27-28 (8:30am-4:30pm). The courses will be held at the Rescue 7 head office on 550 Alden Rd., Unit 206, in Markham, Ont.

Firefighters, paramedics and police officers looking to share their knowledge of First Aid and CPR are invited to become members of the Rescue 7 team of trusted and caring instructors. Other candidates may include people seeking to become an Instructor for their workplace or to teach independently.

We’re looking for highly motivated professionals to teach our WSIB approved courses in First Aid and CPR in Ontario. If you are a first responder with a passion for public safety, this part-time work could be a perfect fit.

For more information contact Ray Chapman at 905-474-0770 (ext 225).

– Proof of current Standard First Aid with CPR Level C and AED certificate or higher
– It is preferred if applicants to the workshop have experience with advanced first aid or EMT training

A video update on the trip one of our Rescue 7 AEDs took to Ghana – where it saved someone’s life (with the help of dedicated volunteer doctors)!