The Chase McEachern Memorial Fund & Rescue 7

The Chase McEachern Act came to be by the Ontario government in 2006, after the devastating death of Chase McEachern. This Act protects people from liability if they assisted someone, using a defibrillator, at an emergency (under certain conditions) or (again under certain conditions) if they made defibrillators available in good faith. This Act was the first of many incredible differences Chase would make in the lives of those around him.

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A young boy full of a passion for life and athletics, Chase collapsed at school from cardiac arrest on February 6th, 2006 and never recovered. Fully aware of his heart condition, Chase had a dream for all children and people alike to be protected wherever they may be – gym, arena, or court – from their illnesses. Unfortunately, Chase was not able to carry out his own dream. That’s where Rescue 7 and the Chase McEachern Memorial Fund come together in perfect harmony. 

With John McEachern on board as a liaison between R7 and the general public, we are excited to help carry out Chase’s dream of having an AED in every school, hockey arena and essentially, in every public place. To date, the fund has been able to provide over 12,000 AEDs in schools and other community venues. Rescue 7 is extremely thrilled to be officially involved in continuing Chase’s legacy. If you are on a team, work in a community centre or school, or know someone whose life you would like to honour, please contact John McEachern at Rescue 7. We would be proud to make an AED accessible to you!