Rescue 7 Weekly Review: July 13th-19th

Ever thought about taking a first aid or CPR course with Rescue 7, but needed a little more convincing? Check out some of the amazing testimonials from people who have been in our recent classes below.

I have NEVER, ever met such a passionate individual like Wajid. The amount of information I amassed in the span of just two days was incredible. This was due to the passion he had for teaching us in how to save a life. To react within our limits and above all to ensure our safety when providing first aid. Ensuring we have the proper tools and if not improvising if possible, but never be casual or be another victim. I will recommend this course to everyone in the office. That said, Wajid would have to be the trainer of choice. The whole classroom agreed that he was just AWESOME!!!!

– John Carmichael, RBC Capital Markets, Toronto

I just wanted to say what a fantastic job Wolf (aka Wajid) did! I have attended first aid training before, and to be honest, the way the material was delivered was bland and boring, and easily forgotten. Wolf was engaging, he had the whole room involved and interested – which is not always easy when you have 30 bankers in one room! I cannot recommend him enough. Sarah was quite lovely as well.

– Farah Cleirbaut, RBC Capital Markets, Toronto