Rescue 7 Weekly Review: August 31st-Sepetember 1st

Everyone at Rescue 7 hopes your Labour Day weekend was safe, relaxing and enjoyable all around. Back to school it is!

Our next round of First Aid and CPR instructor courses are on September 18-20, 2015. The course will be held at the Rescue 7 head office on 550 Alden Rd., Unit 206, in Markham, Ont.

Firefighters, paramedics and police officers looking to share their knowledge of First Aid and CPR are invited to become members of the Rescue 7 team of trusted and caring instructors. Other candidates may include people seeking to become an Instructor for their workplace or to teach independently.

We’re looking for highly motivated professionals to teach our WSIB approved courses in First Aid and CPR in Ontario. If you are a first responder with a passion for public safety, this part-time work could be a perfect fit.

Start today … Save a life tomorrow.

For more information contact Ray Chapman at 905-474-0770 (ext 225).

Proof of current Standard First Aid with CPR Level C and AED certificate or higher * It is preferred if applicants to the workshop have experience with advanced first aid or EMT training

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Here is a photo of Bruce Barbour, Executive Director of Racing Operations Ontario, presenting Rescue 7’s John McEachern with a cheque for the Chase McEachern Memorial Fund.

“We were delighted to donate these funds for such a wonderful cause, assisting Chase’s dream of providing Automatic External Defibrillators in public access areas.”

Be sure to frequently check out our website [] during the month of September. Updates are on the way!