Rescue 7 Introduced as Official Health and Safety Training Partner of Ontario Soccer Summit 2017

Rescue 7 is proud to be the official Health and Safety Training Partner of the Ontario Soccer Summit in 2017! Rescue 7 is ready to make the soccer community a safer environment for all involved, from coaches to players to spectators on the sidelines. The first step is educating all on heart health, and the second is ensuring soccer-specific practical skills are made easily accessible for all—at the upcoming Ontario Soccer Summit and beyond. To do this, Rescue 7 will implement a streamlined educational program across the province, reaching and teaching every member, official, coach and player. With a detailed First Aid and CPR program for the Ontario soccer community, you can rest assured that every family member, teammate and coworker will be protected.

For 18 years, Rescue 7 has provided exemplary, full-service corporate health and safety training to over 8,000 corporations across Canada. As well, Rescue 7 is the exclusive Canadian distributor of the lightweight and user-friendly HeartSine Samaritan AED. Founded by longtime Toronto firefighter John Collie, Rescue 7 knows first-hand the importance of being prepared for emergencies.

“Rescue 7 is very excited to partner with the OSA at the Ontario Soccer Summit and provide our services to the membership, so participation can be enjoyed in the safest manner possible,” said John Collie, President and CEO of Rescue 7.  The Rescue 7 team is looking forward to creating a thriving, long-lasting relationship with the Ontario Soccer Association for years to come.

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