COVID-19: Blended eLearning First Aid Course Option

Due to concerns over COVID-19, several Canadian provinces* will now accept ONLINE TRAINING as temporary evidence of first aid training until further notice. Rescue 7 Inc. is offering the online-only portion of our approved blended eLearning first aid, CPR, AED training course! The skills demonstration portion is to be completed at a later time, and timelines for the demonstration are based on provincial regulatory extensions due to the status of COVID-19.

 Blended Standard First Aid

If further clarification or assistance is needed, please contact

*Not available in British Columbia, Quebec or Newfoundland.

RESCUE 7 INC. was formed in 1998 and has risen to international prominence over the past twenty two years for its well developed Life Support Programs, respective First Aid equipment and our Health & Safety Division. We are the Canadian Distributor for the Stryker Physio CR2 and Heartsine SAM PADs® (Samaritan Public Access Defibrillators), Evacusafe Evacuation Chairs and Sliders, Beaty CPR Coach and Firerein Extinguishing products (fire suppression in a can). All training programs are approved federally and provincially.