AED Manufacturer Physio-Control Announces Acquisition of HeartSine

Yesterday, AED manufacturer Physio-Control announced that it is acquiring HeartSine. The combined company will be one of the world’s largest AED solutions providers.

physio control

It is great news – and we want you to be among the first to know. You can learn more from the press release issued by Physio-Control and HeartSine:

In Canada, there are no changes to how we will work together.

We’re excited to be uniting with Physio-Control: we expect great things in joining our marketing, technical, and scientific resources. Physio-Control, HeartSine and Rescue 7 companies share a powerful mission ― to prevent unnecessary death from sudden cardiac arrest. Now, we will be able to work together to get more lifesaving AEDs in more places to save more lives

The Rescue 7 Team