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Course Description

This course package includes both the online Security Guard Course and Private Investigator Course and meets the Ministry requirements for both. Once completed, the Student will be eligible to write both exams and apply for their Dual License. This course is offered by SCS.

When you have a dual licence, you are able to work both as a security guard and as a private investigator in Ontario. If you are thinking about entering the security industry, you should seriously consider getting a dual licence. When you have either the security guard or private investigator licence you will only be able to gain employment in one sector of the industry and be limited in opportunity. When you have a dual licence you will have the advantage of improved employability. Having a dual licence will broaden your job search, and you will increase your choices when it comes to the area of the private security or investigation field you wish to work in.

Dual Package


Who Can Benefit From This Course

Holding a dual licence to be both a security guard and a private investigator has grown more popular with students and is viewed more favourably by employers. Our course is designed to prepare you for what you will experience in the real world. You will receive the full Ministry approved lessons for both a security guard and private investigator, and you will learn how the skills complement each other.


Dual Package: Security Guard + Private Investigator
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In order to pass the Ontario Provincial exam and apply for your Ontario Security Guard Licence, you will need to complete our 40-hour course. It is divided between 33.5 hours of online lessons, and a one-day in-class Emergency First Aid and CPR Certificate. The online modules offer thorough lessons on everything you will need to know to be a successful security guard. Once students complete the Ministry requirements, they will be able to move on and apply for their provincial licence.

Private investigative work can take you to places you would never expect, which is why our private investigator lessons will cover everything required under Ministry standards, as well as provide practical knowledge you can use in the field.

The private investigator course is a total of 50 hours and delivered completely online. This means that you have the flexibility to complete the coursework whenever it’s convenient for you, whether it’s late at night or even on the weekends. All you need is an internet connection.