Mental Health Awareness Programs

Mental Health Awareness Programs

The Mental Health Awareness programs bring awareness to participants to reduce stigma, discuss the different mental health problems and illnesses, signs and symptoms, and different resources available to offer help.  These courses are a great first step in hope, understanding and empathy.


This 4 hour course has been designed as an introduction to the stigmas associated with Mental Health in the workplace and in our everyday lives.

  • Stigma
  • New language to reduce stigma
  • Different Mental problems and illnesses and the stigma associated with each
  • Resources available


MENTAL HEALTH 101 Awareness Program (1-day)

This one-day program will provide participants a general awareness of Mental Health problems and illnesses effecting modern Canadian society

  • Stigma
  • New language to reduce stigma
  • Different Mental problems and illnesses
  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Difference between someone in distress and crisis
  • Resources available
  • Self-Care


The Power Hour introduces participants to Mental Health problems and illness and how it effects Canadians in the workplace and home. A great start for participants to begin to understand Mental Health.

Our COVID-19 Update

As we navigate through these challenging times, we have the health and well-being of our clients, staff, and the community at top of mind. 

In response to COVID-19, we will be offering online training as temporary evidence of first aid training in several of our Canadian provinces*. Paired with this, we are also offering a $20 discount on the online-only portion of our approved Blended eLearning training courses in:

Please see the following blog post for further details, conditions, and course parameters.

For our Online Training, please click the following URL.
*Not available in British Columbia, Quebec or Newfoundland

Your safety is paramount to all of us here at Rescue 7 Inc.  We hope through these initiatives, we can continue to safely encourage, support and develop the skillset you need to get you where you want to go. 

At this time, we are carefully monitoring the rapidly changing environment of COVID-19 and will continue to update you on any changes as the global crisis evolves.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries at

With gratitude,
Rescue 7 Inc.