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First Aid Training

Emergency First Aid with CPR & AED (Traditional)

6.5 hours of curriculum time.  Compulsory modules include Roles and Responsibilities of the First Aider, Casualty Management, Resuscitation and AED, Severe Bleeds and Wound Care, Burns and Medical Conditions.  CPR/AED follows the ILCOR 2015 guidelines. Certification valid for 3 years.

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Standard First Aid with CPR & AED (Traditional)

13 hours of curriculum time.  This two-day course covers all the skills in Emergency First Aid plus first aid for other injuries and illnesses including: Secondary Survey, Bone and Joint Injuries, Head, Spinal and Pelvic Injuries, Chest Injuries, Multiple Injury Management, Rescue Carries, Eye Injuries, Poisons, Bites and Stings, Heat & Cold Injuries, Two Rescuer CPR. CPR/AED follows the ILCOR 2015 guidelines. Certification valid for 3 years.

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Standard First Aid with CPR & AED (Blended eLearning-Online)

Complete the online First Aid course on our website and register for the five hour in-classroom practical session and receive WSIB certification. CPR/AED follows the ILCOR 2015 guidelines. Certification valid for 3 years.

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Standard First Aid with CPR & AED Re-certification

6.5 hours of curriculum time. Individuals who have kept their certification current may be eligible to enrol into a 1-day Standard First Aid Recertification Course. Participants are only allowed to take the Re-certification prior to the initial 3 years expiration date. Following 3 years, must take the traditional Standard First Aid/CPR/AED two day course or the Online Blended Standard First Aid course. CPR/AED follows the ILCOR 2015 guidelines.

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Basic Marine First Aid (BMFA)

13 hours of curriculum time. Course provide general knowledge of first aid in the marine environment. Candidates are taught how to intervene in life-threatening emergencies including; unconsciousness, choking, rescue breathing, CPR, and deadly bleeding. Candidates also are introduced to pharmacology and other advanced topics/interventions for the marine industry. Transport Canada Marine Safety (TP 13008) Approved.

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Mental Health Awareness Programs

The Mental Health Awareness programs bring awareness to participants to reduce stigma, discuss the different mental health problems and illnesses, signs and symptoms, and different resources available to offer help.  These courses are a great first step in hope, understanding and empathy.

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