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Course Description

In Canadian industry workers can and do get prosecuted under Occupational Health and Safety Law. Employers have a duty to explain to their workers, the provisions of Occupational Health and Safety Law, and why due diligence has special significance for workers. Conveying how safety laws work can be confusing and difficult to do, leaving workers with more questions than answers, so let this course help clarify some of those questions. By doing so, employers can help satisfy their legal obligation to inform their workers of Occupational Health and Safety Law. 

Online and in-class training options available.

Who Can Benefit From This Course

Participants will discover what workers need to know and do to act duly diligent. Not only will learners understand their legal duties, but the legal duties of supervisors and employers as well. This course focuses on being a positive influence at the workplace.



Due Diligence for Workers
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