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Course Description

Occupational Health and Safety legislation defines the general roles, rights, and responsibilities of employers, supervisors, and employees in keeping the workplace safe. These laws protect all individuals in the workplace and lay out specific requirements for due diligence. It is critical all employers and supervisors understand their role in maintaining a safe workplace and their duty to practice due diligence.

The Due Diligence for Supervisors course is designed to help supervisors meet their obligations for safety in the workplace by defining due diligence and describing what employers and supervisors must do to meet due diligence requirements. After completing this course, an understanding should be gained of the Internal Responsibility System and the system’s key players; what due diligence is as it applies to occupational health and safety legislation; what employers and supervisor must do to meet due diligence requirements; how workplace incidents should be managed; and, the role of health and safety officers in the administration and enforcement of labour laws.

Online and in-class training options available.

Who Can Benefit From This Course

This program is directed to supervisors and those who direct the work of others. It is ideal for:

  • New supervisors who need to develop their awareness and understanding of and leadership in workplace health and safety
  • Experienced supervisors who want to improve their understanding of and leadership in workplace health and safety


Due Diligence/Supervisory Responsibility Training
Private Training
Supervisor Health & Safety Awareness and Competency
Private Training


Due Diligence for Supervisors Training certificates from Rescue 7 Inc. do not expire.