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Course Description

This course covers basic chain saw safety as it relates to tree trimming, disaster clean-up, forestry and more.
Statistics have shown that there are certain inherent dangers associated with chainsaw operations, even during normal working conditions. A chainsaw can be a very dangerous piece of equipment; most of these injuries and deaths are due to several basic hazards. This course will increase understanding of the dangers of chainsaws and the steps required to operate them safely.

Online and in-class training options available.

Who Can Benefit From This Course

By the end of this course, you will be able to identify:

  • Potential injuries associated with using a chainsaw
  • Hazards related to the site, trees and equipment
  • Precautions to around the site, trees and equipment
  • Key aspects of planning and executing a plan for logging
  • Key aspects of making safe cuts


Chainsaw Safety Training
Private Training
Chainsaw Operation and Maintenance
Private Training


Valid for 3 years.