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KitchenWorx by Firerein


KitchenWorx™ is a Fire Prevention Spray used to rapidly suppress cooking fires. KitchenWorx ™ is the perfect choice for suppressing small cooking oil and grease fires. Simply apply a liberal amount to KitchenWorx ™ to the burning oil or grease ensuring the fire risk has been addressed.

Product Description

KitchenWorx ™ is

  • Certified 100% plant based
  • Certified 100% non-Toxic to people and animals
  • Biodegradable, Aerosol Free
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Clean-Up

Applicable for Residential, Commercial and Recreational Use. The safety of your business and home will benefit from our easy to deploy, non-aerosol spray. KitchenWorx™ is proudly Canadian made and distributed.

  • How It Works

    KitchenWorx™ is an excellent choice for suppressing small cooking oil and grease fires. ​Simply spray a liberal amount of KichenWorx™ onto the burning oil or grease to supress the flames immediately.

    After allowing time for cooling, clean-up is made simple by wiping up and rinsing with potable water. Unlike competing products, KitchenWorx™ does not leave toxic residue.

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KitchenWorx by Firerein
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