Fitness in a Bag is simply Fitness where You are.

Product Description

Fitness in a Bag is simply Fitness where You are.  Most of the equipment that comes with the bag is portable and can be used anywhere

  • The workout programs come right to your phone on a FREE app
  • The workouts will increase your strength, mobility, speed and most importantly improve your confidence and competence in attempting new tasks

  • Many of the exercises include the pillar movements that we use every day in life.   Squat, lunge, push, pull and hinge exercises are the featured exercises in all the exercise programs

  • The bag itself is a high-end backpack that is waterproof, so you can take it anywhere.

  • There are two side pockets that can be used for a water bottle and cell phone/keys.

    • It will be simple.  Once you order Fitness in a Bag, you will be sent an email for a FREE app to download on your phone or tablet.  The programs will be sent and you can log in through your password protected log in.

    • You will be offered lots of options, including many types of fitness programs both longer and shorter.  These programs will get you accustomed to the equipment contained in Fitness in a Bag.  You will have access to hundreds of videos and be able to use all of the equipment that comes in Fitness in a Bag.

    •  You can follow our prescribed path of training or create your own, by dragging the workouts to another day.  Customization of workouts will be offered for every individual purchasing a Deluxe Bag.

    • You will be offered numerous training programs outside of the Fitness in a Bag options as well.


    Fitness in a Bag was created to save TIME. Team members could do extra training in their off-season to better prepare themselves for the season.  Equipment from the bag could also be used for warm-ups and cool downs.  Busy family members who couldn’t make it to the gym now had options to do at home, when they had time.  Students could now do meaningful workouts at home during the pandemic, and follow routines that are age and skill appropriate.

    Fitness Programs were designed to have progressions and regressions for most exercises, to allow the user to have success and to provide challenge.  Coaches will have the ability to help in the design of off-season programs and to offer videos to team members for upcoming fitness test

    Once you get used to the many different programs, you can customize your programming options to better suit your individual needs.  Fitness in a Bag can be shared within your family but every family member could be working on a different progra

  • FITNESS IN A BAG package

    DELUXE FITNESS IN A BAG includes:1 Deluxe Waterproof Backpack, 6 Strength Bands (2 red, 2 black, 2 purple), 1 Skipping Rope, 1 Stability Ball, 1 Mini Foam Roller, 1 Recovery/ Lacrosse Ball, 1 Door Attachment, 1 Hip Band, 2 Mini Bands (1 Light, 1 Medium), 1 Pro 3 Suspension System, 1 Reaction Ball, 1 Small Stuff Sac Bag, 1 Set of Agility Grids and 1 Set of Ergonomic Handles. Programming 1-year calendar date from date of purchase. Access to 500+ videos and programs using all 20 products.

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