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Life-saving defibrillators (AEDs) are fortunately becoming increasingly widespread. The number of such locations is growing in exposed locations in cities, in companies, public buildings, hotels, etc. The number of such locations is increasing. In an emergency, their immediate localization is of crucial importance. To achieve this, the CISALI app, which can be used worldwide, was developed.

CISALI (Citizens Save Lives Association) is an international association based in Ireland that registers manufacturer-independent and device-neutral defibrillator sites. The global association has a contact person in each country who deals with country-specific issues and questions.

The free CISALI app can locate all registered locations immediately, has an SOS emergency call connection and offers the possibility to directly contact a trained first responder for lay support. Companies, associations, public institutions that already have a defibrillator and trained persons are often unknown, difficult to find or stored on a platform of a local provider in a foreign language. The CISALI app, on the other hand, works across borders and in an individually adjustable language so that the necessary information can be generated immediately.

The Ministry of Health in Cantabria in Northern Spain, has approved the use of the ‘Cisali’ app, to promote the awarenesss of AEDs (defibrillators) within the provence in an effort to save more lives. See more here:

Simply download the free app and start saving lives at

One of CISALI‘s main goals is to sensitize society to the fact that lay resuscitation is a civic duty. In this context, the emergency app was also developed. The app serves people who are at risk because of certain pre-existing conditions and are looking for a safe location, but also those who have initial contact with a victim and have to set the chain of survival in motion.

There are no commercial interests connected with our information about the app; it serves exclusively to provide rapid emergency care and thus, in individual cases, to save a human life.



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