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Bilingual Round Top AED Cabinet


Easy to install, with wipe clean surfaces, and front-viewing window this cabinet provides an excellent platform for the placement of the SAM PAD®.

Product Description

The SAM PAD® surface mounted/semi-recessed metal cabinet, with a round top, is fully equipped with the audible alarm and has the capability to be connected to a security system cabinet. Its robust construction allows you to protect and position the SAM PAD® in highly visible locations. And with its round-top design, it does not allow for any items such as pop cans and coffee cups to be placed on top of the cabinet.

The cabinet meets all regulatory requirements in Canada and is equipped with an audible alarm that activates when the door is opened. This protects the unit from theft and alerts that an incident is occurring.

Dimensions: L 14″ x W 6″ x H 15″

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