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BEATY CPR Feedback Device


Beaty is a CPR feedback device that is a small dimensional, easy for use, and affordable device that allows the user to get real time feedback regarding CPR performance. Beaty helps the user perform chest compressions effectively by providing audio feedback when reaching a depth of 5cm.

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Product Description

A pressure sensor that transforms the pressure force applied on a victim’s chest into a desired depth and gives an audible output as a feedback. This kind of sensor is more accurate than other sensors (i.e. accelerometer) that are used for depth evaluation.

Beaty can be used for both live events or situationally when applied to a Sheldon manikin.

Training Videos

Product Manuals

BEATY CPR Feedback Device
User Manual
BEATY Literature Review
BEATY Brochure
BEATY How to use picture
BEATY Technical Specifications

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