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Rescue 7 Specializes in Health & Safety, First Aid Training and Life-Saving Equipment.

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Count on Rescue 7 for a composed and professional presence ready for all possible health and safety emergencies at your event.

Our mobile first responder team is professionally trained and equipped. We carry the finest in first aid materials as well as an Automated External Defibrillator and oxygen tank in case of cardiac arrests or other life threatening emergencies.

We’re good to go

The Rescue 7 team event coverage can set up quickly and be ready to respond from any position at your event. The emergency responders can assess, treat

and work with EMS for all first aid or medical emergencies should the need arise.  Rescue 7 ensures the highest quality of response and treatment, giving you a peace of mind regarding the health and safety of your guests.

Emergency Response First Aid Event Coverage:


  • Rescue 7 Certified First Responders
  • Trauma Bag and First Aid Medical Supplies
  • Access to EMS
  • Automated External Defibrillator on-site
  • Mobile Oxygen tank


Please Contact Us for more information on coverage and quotes. We will be pleased to play an important role at your next event.

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