Rescue 7 has been awarded Provider status for the WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program.  This means that Rescue 7 can help businesses not only improve the health and safety of their workplace but also earn recognition and rebates while doing so.


  • What is the WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program (HSE Program) ?

    The HSE Program helps businesses improve their workplace health and safety – the program starts from awareness or knowledge of basic health and safety requirements and builds to excellence, such as meeting a recognized national or international health and safety standard.

    Businesses that implement program topics can improve their health and safety performance by creating a safer workplace, which can result in lower workplace injury and illness rates and reduced WSIB premiums.

  • Who is eligible to participate?

    Any class I or II company in Ontario. *only class II are eligible for program rebates
    Have an active WSIB account number

  • What are the benefits of participating / of the program?

    Earn rebates and recognition for your health and safety improvements
    Receive dedicated support from WSIB approved providers (Rescue 7) to address your health and safety challenges
    Improve your workplace health and safety culture to enhance productivity and innovation

  • What is the Employers Commitment?

    Awareness: Learn more about the HSE Program on the WSIB site here
    Join: Register with Rescue 7 as your program Provider to gain access to the digital portal
    Develop: With guidance from Rescue 7 develop your action plan topics and earn your WSIB member’s badge
    Demonstrate: Submit evidence to WSIB to demonstrate topic action plan is ‘living and breathing’ in your workplace (validation)
    Achieve: Earn a rebate and/or recognition for completed topic(s). Minimum of $1000 per topic to a maximum of xx% of annual premiums

  • How to Register or need more information Info?

    Email or call 1-888-294-4208 or 905-474-0770

  • Pricing

    Contact us at or call 1-888-294-4208 or 905-474-0770

WSIB’s only incentive program that gives you a road map to improve the health and safety of your workplace. Delivered by a network of WSIB approved providers with industry expertise. Flexible, rolling entry, simple requirements and services across the province.